Michael’s rapid fire, historical story telling is not just for cops and those who love them. He even can make a fireman crack a smile!

Here’s what others are saying about Michael Mancini – World’s Funniest Cop:

“So funny you would expect him to be a FIREMAN!” – Steven Bloom, Executive Director Sacramento Comedy Festival


“Michael possesses a rare talent of blending tasteful humor and wit, which delights any audience with his superb performance of comedy. He is able to incorporate real-life situations relatable to any profession or group.” – Monterey Bay Dental Hygiene Society.


“I gladly recommend him (Michael) as a comedian who can bring laughter to a crowd that expects professionalism and yet also needs a good dose of laughter.” – Gary E. Brown, Police Chief, Monterey Police Department 


“I had the opportunity to see Mr. Mancini’s performance at a casino in Nevada. I didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire performance.” – Teresa King, Special Events Manager, Seagate Technology